What is ear veil (Eardrum)? Treatment in Adinath ENT Hospital.

Eardrum is also known as Tympanic membrane in medical language. This is a very main part of our ear, with the help of which we are able to hear any type of sound. Adinath ENT Hospital is the best ENT Hospital in jaipur for Ear, Nose, Throat Treatment.

Eardrum is an active part of our body due to which our hearing ability  is maintained. The ear curtain is in the middle and the two ear drains are on its right and left,  when there is a problem in the ear screen or a hole is formed, then this situation causes the tearing of the ear screen or the hole in the ear.

Causes of ruptured eardrum

Adinath ENT Hospital is the one of the best ent hospital in jaipur.  Every type of sound produced around us collides with Eardrum in the form of Sound Vibration and from the Eardrum (Eardrum), turning those Vibrations into Specific Signal . The function of the earlobes is to convey the signal of sound to the brain. But when there is a hole in the ear drum due to some reason, then it is not able to pass the signal of sound to the brain, due to which we are not able to hear anything. When the doctors see and understand this situation, then they say that the ear veil has been torn or the ear has been pierced.

A hole in the eardrum is caused by several activities:

A hole caused by putting something in the ear.

Due to injury during sports.

Injuries due to ear drops.

Due to an ear injury while quarreling.

Due to ear or head injuries during a car accident.

Because of listening to songs in a louder voice.

Because of keeping anything in the ear for too long.

Reasons for using the pointed thing when cleaning the ear.

Suddenly hearing a very loud sound like a train horn.

Due to scuba diving.

Because of traveling in aircraft.

Driving at high altitude.

Because of shock waves.

Travel in airplanes.

 Symptoms of ruptured eardrum

There are many signs of Eardrum rupture. Some of these specific reasons are written below:

Having hearing problems.

Severe ear pain.

Feeling of blowing air inside the ear.

Hearing loss

Puss coming from the ear.

Bleeding from the ears.

Ear feels heavy.

To beat the head.

Feeling of deafness

Ear swelling.

Ear infection.

 Diagnosis of ruptured eardrum

After seeing the above symptoms you should see an ENT Specialist Doctor who will thoroughly examine the ear. With the help of audiometry, it can be known to what extent it has affected the hearing ability. Also, it can be known to what extent ear bones have been affected due to infection.

If nerve damage has occurred, the patient’s ability to hear cannot be recovered even after the operation and in this case the patient may have to seek hearing aid. With the help of X-ray or Scan, infection is detected in the bone behind the ear, ie, the mastoid.


With the help of medicines, the rupture of the ear is treated, but if the infection has spread inside the ear, then it is necessary to do the operation in such a situation.


The ear veils are then repaired by this operation. During this operation, the skin from the scalp above the ear is applied to the hole in the ear screen.


It is a device inserted inside the ear that measures the response of the ear curtain by the slightest change in air pressure. Some methods of this reaction can check for holes in the eardrum.


Ociculoplasty is required if one or more of the three ear bones are damaged due to injury or infection. Also, if there is a big hole or more infection in the ear, then tympanoplasty is done.


In case of chronic suppurative otitis, mastoidectomy is used to remove bacteria from the bone behind the ear.

Tuning fork evaluation

It is an instrument with a two-toothed metal that collides with sounds. Through this diagnosis, it is found out how much difficulty the patient is having in hearing. Also, with the help of this instrument, it is also known that the problem of hearing is either in the patient’s ear sensor or in the veins or both.

Treatment of eardrum

Ear curtains are specially treated to repair the curtains, relieve pain and prevent infection.

Antibiotic medicines

These medicines can remove the infection that is caused by a hole in the ear curtain. At the same time, these drugs also prevent new infections from developing. After examining the patient’s ear thoroughly, the doctor may also ask the patient to eat antibiotics or put them in the ear, or to use both medicines.


If the patient’s ear is not well, the doctor applies a patch of medicine on the ruptured membrane of the ear which is helpful in attaching the membrane back.


When the condition of the eardrum becomes bad, surgery remains the only remedy, with the help of which the curtain hole is fixed. During the surgery, surgeons take a tissue from another place of the patient’s body and apply it to the ear hole.

Risk of eardrum

The ear curtain divides the ear canal and the middle ear. If it has any kind of problem, the bacteria easily reach the middle ear (Tympanic), which increases the risk of ear infection. Due to a hole in the ear curtain, the patient may lose his hearing. Also, dirt, wax and dead skin cells can be formed in the ear.

Prevention of eardrum

Nowadays ear disease is common and this problem is seen in most children. Everyone spends most of their time in front of the mobile screen by earphones or headphones. In this world of technology, more problems are being seen like tearing of the ear, pain in the ear, blood and pus from the ear and hearing difficulty. But there are some ways to avoid it, which can be avoided by keeping it in mind.

Even a common cold and cough can sometimes be harmful to the eardrum. Therefore, do not ignore cold cough for a long time, instead treat it with a doctor.

Do not put any kind of oil in the ear of the child, if you have a pain in the ear, instead meet the ENT specialist and seek his advice.

Do not take any medicine without doctor’s advice.

Do not put buds or matchsticks in the ear.

Before bathing, put cotton in the ears so that there is no water in the ears.

Avoid a swimming pool or a bath in the sea if there is hole in ear drum.

Do not use any sharp things to clean the ears.

Do not put anything inside the ear while cleaning the ear.

Avoid loud sound.

Avoid excessive use of earphones and headphones. If you are also using, then avoid using too much sound.

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