Ear Problems

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Ear Problems

There are many reasons for holes in the eardrum such as injury, long-term colds etc. If it is not treated in time, surgery has to be done because the ends of the holes become stable over time.

This surgery is called tympanoplasty, in which the ear is opened by making an incision from outside, but many people want to avoid it.

In this case, the transcanal method can be helpful. In this method, the eardrum is transplanted through the ear’s natural canal. The ear is not opened by making an incision from outside. Hearing aids are also tested and corrected in case of deficiency. The new eardrum material is also taken from inside the ear.

Advantage of this Surgery :

The ear does not open from outside which does not cause too much incision, as well as scar. Only the ear is numb and recovery is also quick. 

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